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Series of Android Apps have been launched each day. There are many apps currently on testing phase and various apps have reached beta stage. Play store is occupied with apps of newer concepts each day. In this article, we are listing 5 best apps on the play store that you may not have heard of in 2018.

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1. Haven: Keep Watch (BETA)

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Haven is an app built for security. It has just been released for beta phase and you can enjoy various features of the new concept. You can build a private space by the use of Haven. You can make your phone a vibration, light, sound and motion detector. This allows you to watch any unwanted object in your private space. Download the app from play store using the link above and be amazed by its awesome features. You may face different difficulties and find the app laggy but don’t worry, it is still in beta phase and stable version will be released soon after all the bugs are debugged.

Introduction video of Haven

2. TouchRetouch

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Do you want to remove the disturbing elements of a photo within a single click? Then, TouchRetouch is the app built for you. The app has a feature of healing tool like that in Adobe Photoshop. If you want to heal any object and do not want to use Photoshop, try this new app “TouchRetouch“. You will find it wonderful. The demo video has been embedded below.

TouchRetouch App Demo

3. NetShare-no-root-tethering

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Android comes with an option of converting your smartphone into hotspot only if you are using a mobile network. You are allowed to use your android for establishing a wifi hotspot if you are connected to a WiFi Network. By using this app, you can easily use your Android Smartphone as a WiFi Repeater without rooting the smartphone. Download the app directly from play store by using the link above. The tutorial for the app is shown below.

Tutorial for using NetShare-no-root-tethering

4. Forest: Stay focused

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Forest is an awesome app built with a simple but very useful concept. In this app, you need to plant trees. There will be timer set in the app. When the timer starts, you should not use any other apps on the smartphone. If you switch to any other apps keeping the forest app in the background, the tree you have planted will start dying. You won’t be able to gain points. So, this app will prevent you from using other apps from the smartphone when you are studying or doing any other works that require concentration. Gain points by concentrating on your work! Try this app once. It’s really useful.

App demo of Forest: Stay Focused

5. Speedify VPN – Unlimited Secure VPN

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Do you want to use both WiFi and mobile network combinedly? If so, you need to download Speedify VPN. The fast, reliable and secure VPN allows you to establish a fast network connection by combining both WiFi and mobile network in your smartphone. You can monitor the performance and data usage of your smartphone. The app will automatically connect to the server with the fastest speed or you can manually connect to the server you desire for a reliable network speed. So, Speedify will be one of the best VPN apps for you to boost your network speed by combining both WiFi and mobile network and choosing the fastest server of your own wish. Download the app clicking the link above. The review of the app is shown below.

App review of Speedify VPN- Unlimited Secure VPN

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