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There are many free hosting providers with eye-catching advertisements. Many of them claim to provide 99.9% uptime but the users find them not fulfilling any of the promises. The bloggers who are new cannot afford for premium hosting and want to stick with the free hosting services. But, many of them do not find the best free hosting with cPanel and are compelled to stop blogging due to low budget to buy a best free hosting service. In this situation, it is best to buy cheapest hosting packages and work with limitations or search for best free hosting with premium features. In this article, we are discussing the best free hosting site with Cpanel and many premium features for 0 cents. Even, you won’t require any payment method for a lifetime.

You may be familiar with the popular free hosting providers like 000webhost, AwardSpace, GoogieHost, 5gbFree, 1FreeHosting and so on. These free hosting service providers do not completely provide unlimited cloud hosting services. If they have provided cPanel, they do not provide all the cPanel services like the paid ones. The site speed is slower and you will always be in doubt if they are providing the claimed uptime guarantee. You may find that your site is down several times. Nobody wants to visit the site again and again which is very slow and frequently down. In this situation, you will lose the active visitors to your site. Also, the majority of the free hosting sites provide limited bandwidth though some of them provide unlimited bandwidth.

There won’t be any problem regarding bandwidth if it is unlimited. But the limited bandwidth troubles you a lot. If a huge number of visitors visit your site, you need to spend money to make the bandwidth unlimited. If you have earned enough through the ads, buying premium unlimited hosting is not a big deal. But, if you just started getting visitors and the bandwidth limit exceeded, you will be facing a serious problem. Another major problem you will face is regarding the storage limit. There may be limited storage service up to 1 GB, 5GB or some may provide unlimited storage. If the storage is unlimited, there is nothing to worry about but if there is limited storage service, you need to check the files time and again and need to reduce the size of photos and delete backups to ensure you have free space left.

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Now, let’s jump into the main topic keeping all the things aside. After going through various services provided by many free hosting sites, we came to a conclusion that provides unbelievable features to its customers. Also, we found that provides free hosting with cPanel. But, even after signing up, we did not receive the confirmation e-mail from the team. The support team of viewen was really appreciable. In a short time, they responded to each and every ticket we opened.



What makes viewen best free hosting service?

There are many topics to answer the reasons that make viewen best free hosting service of 2018. The topics are explained under the respective headings.

Viewen provides many features included cPanel

You can access all the features available in cPanel of premium hosting by using viewen. If you want to know the features provided, go through this screenshot.

cPanel of

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth for best free hosting

Disk space and bandwidth both are provided without any limit in only some of the free cloud hosting providers. Most of them have limited criteria for disk space and bandwidth. You need to spend some amount to get an unlimited access. Viewen provides you unlimited choice for both disk space and bandwidth and you do not need to worry about these two things. This is one of the main reasons to support the statement that viewen provides best free hosting in 2018.

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Other awesome features to make best free hosting

  • Updated and latest cPanel
  • Unlimited option for add-ons and subdomains
  • Very fast ticket support
  • Unlimited email accounts and MySQL Databases
  • SSH access after request
  • Softaculous installer included

Where are the server locations and what are the nameservers of

Many server locations have been added to viewen. Each server locations has its own nameserver. The server locations along with their nameservers are:

Server LocationsNameservers

Each of the servers has a speed of 1 Gbps. The RAM of is 16 GB and 1000 GB Raid-1 Drives are provided. All the servers have a bandwidth of 25 TB.

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How are the user reviews on Viewen?

As the promise made, viewen provides its users free unlimited cloud hosting with cPanel. So, after searching through the web, we found very good user reviews towards this hosting site. The users did not have an opinion like they had for other free hosting sites. The excellent reviews explaining viewen as best free hosting site as they had done was hard to be believed by us. We also wanted to know how this free unlimited cloud hosting with cPanel was and we signed up for a free account.

Soon, we were also amazed by its features and the support provided by the team. Unlike other hosting sites, we had to like their facebook page and agree that we would not do spamming, phishing and other illegal activities using this hosting. Also, viewen restricted us to make a file-sharing site. Viewen has an excellent user review on its Facebook page. It has a rating of 4.8 which is never found in any free unlimited cloud hosting site.

Viewen User Rating found in official Facebook page
Viewen’s User Rating found on Facebook page

How can I sign up for best free hosting service?

Go to the main site of viewen and sign up for an account. Be sure that you are providing the correct details. The staffs at viewen manually accept your request to host a site. After you submit the filled form, you need to open a ticket to make the staffs review your request. For this, go to the client area and open a ticket.In the ticket, you need to mention the domain name and explain in brief the purpose of opening the ticket. Once they see the ticket, they will ask few questions to you and you need to answer them genuinely with the true answers.

If they think that you are trying to do spamming, they will reject your application. But is you give proper answers, they will surely activate your free unlimited cloud hosting with cPanel. We were successful in making the account fully approved and activated in less than two hours. After approval, you will get all the hosting details,i.e. cPanel username and password, server details and nameservers. Now, you need to change the nameservers to the one mentioned. After this, you can enjoy the best free hosting with cPanel.

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Among thousands of free cloud hosting sites, we have found that viewen is the best free hosting site for new bloggers. You do not need to pay a single penny for free unlimited cloud hosting with cPanel. There is no any option for upgrading the hosting account as it is already providing premium features. However, you can try out other paid hosting sites if you become a successful blogger for a faster speed site. If you are looking for a good hosting site for your new blog, register a domain and without thinking of any other hosting site, go for viewen. Believe us, you will be amazed by the awesome features provided by the best free hosting site,i.e viewen.


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