Despacito, the most viewed video on YouTube, was deleted by a possible hack. Initially, the original video was replaced by men wearing masks and staring at the camera. The music video’s thumbnail was replaced with a photo from the Spanish TV series Money Heist.

Changed thumbnail of Despacito after the hack, Source: YouTube

If someone tried to play the video, the error message was displayed.

The video was not available and was completely deleted. Daddy Yankee wasn’t the only artist who was affected by the hack. A large number of high profile YouTube videos that were posted by Vevo were hacked. The songs from Chris Brown, Shakira, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Drake and Taylor Swift were affected. The video was changed but the title was edited in many popular videos.

A twitter account Prosox that belongs to one of the hackers posted

Other tweets have also been made by the hacker.

Nobody except the hackers is sure on how this has been done. But for now, we can say that the accounts under Vevo were hacked due to a certain weakness in security. If the hackers will reach to other YouTubers, YouTube itself has to take serious steps to search for the security loophole.

Here is a tweet made by TheHackerNews.


‘Despacito’ is the most watched video on YouTube and the first to pass 5 billion views.It is also the most streamed song ever, with 4.6 billion plays on Spotify and other streaming services. It has a large number of views than its competitor Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’, which has just under 3.5 billion views on YouTube.


All the videos with changed titles have been replaced with the original titles. Also, Despacito Music Video is back on YouTube a few minutes ago. YouTube has again replaced the deleted video and we are unsure of what will happen next through the hackers.

The original video song is embedded below.



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