Youtube App has jumped to version 13 leaving 12.x behind. There are various awaited features to be provided with the very new build of YouTube app. Recent YouTube app teardown has revealed the hidden options that will be made available to the public.

9to5Google’s teardown has revealed various new options hidden inside the decompiled latest version apk of the app. It is more likely for Google to add these features but we cannot be very sure on the decisions of the app developers.

Here, we are listing the features that may be available.

Dark theme

youtube dark

According to the teardown, YouTube app will also have an option for a dark theme. YouTube music already had the presence of darkened interface but now we may probably see the option for choosing dark or light theme in the YouTube app available in our device.

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Incognito Mode

YouTube may also feature this mode like its other apps Chrome and Gboard. The people are still able to pause watch history by going to “History & Privacy”. If YouTube official app provided incognito mode, this would be a feature to be loved by many users.

Swipe for skipping ads

Users had to tap over the skip ad button to skip the video ads after around 5 seconds but now it is more likely for YouTube to simplify this step by letting the users swipe an ad away. The user will no more need to tap in order to skip the ad playing in front of videos.

The features mentioned above were found in the official YouTube app codes and there is no guarantee that all the features will be made available. Thanks for giving your time to read this article.


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