Tweet Of Samsung Exynos

The twitter account of the official Samsung Exynos announced an event for January 4, 2018. Samsung will unveil its next-generation Exynos Chipset. The tweet of the company includes #TheNextExynos which talks about the latest 9 series chip from Samsung,i.e. Exynos 9810. Though the official existence of the chip was confirmed in November, there was no official launch.

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Specs And Details

Only a few details have been known about the chip. For the full details, you probably need to wait until the official launch date.¬†the Exynos 9810 will be a 10nm chip like its predecessor, the Exynos 8895. It will come with third generation custom CPU cores and an upgraded GPU. The chip will be used in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ before making a way into Galaxy Note 9 in the late of the year. The press release didn’t cover all the specs. The things mentioned in this post were highlighted.

Source: Samsung Exynos via Twitter



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