Hey readers! Today we are explaining the simple tricks to sign out of Gmail automatically. Gmail has been the place where our every privacy can be at risk if the account is accessed by other people. Almost all the accounts we make are connected to our email address. Recovery of any account using our email can be easily done using Gmail. If you have ever wondered “How to sign out of Gmail automatically?“, this is the post composed for you.

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. Though there are many competitors of this free email service, it is still one of the most used and best email service providers. Gmail offers over 10GB of free storage with an excellent spam filter. It allows voice and video chat and offers customized service for business, individual and organizations. Also, it supports mobile devices and the same email is used for signing in to the Google account. Due to this reason, the number of Gmail users is maximum on android devices.

Now let’s get started on the main topic “How to sign out of Gmail automatically?”. The tricks are listed below.

Method 1- Sign out of all web sessions automatically

This is one of the most useful features Gmail provides. If you are away from your device but the device is accessible to someone whom you cannot trust, this feature will be very helpful. Also, if you think that your account is accessed from other location, signing out will be possible and you can change your password. Now, in order to sign out of Gmail from all the web sessions, there is a very simple way. Follow the guided steps.

Log in to your account from any device providing correct login details. You can also use the device where you have already logged in. On the bottom-right, you can see a clickable link “Details”. Click on this link and you will see a new window popping out.

Sign out of Gmail Automatically

Here, you can see the button “Sign out of all other web sessions”. Click on this button and you are done. Also, you can see the recent activity from this window which will help you a lot to know if the account is accessed by someone else or not. If you have any doubt, simply click on the button and you will be signed out of all other web sessions.

Sign out of all other web sessions

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Method 2- Auto Logout Chrome extension

Auto Logout extension for chrome is designed to the users who forget to log out of their favorite sites. If you are working in cyber or office computer, you may be busy using your favorite site and may forget to log out from it. Then, after switching to other sites, the cookie will still store in the site you visited initially. Now, when another user will open the same site, he/she can easily access your account.

This extension is not only applicable to sign out of Gmail automatically but also other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. For installing the chrome extension, go to the link below.

Link to Download Auto Logout

Now, click on the button “ADD TO CHROME” and wait until the extension installs.

Auto Logout Chrome Extension

Now, you will be automatically logged out of your favorite sites after 10 minutes of inactivity. Try this extension if you forget to sign out from the mentioned sites very often and there is a risk that others will access your account. So, this was the second method on how to sign out of Gmail automatically.

Method 3- Use browser in incognito mode

Incognito mode to sign out of Gmail Automatically

At present, almost all the browsers in any platform have an option for incognito mode. You may already know about the incognito or private mode the browsers offer. If you are unknown to this option, incognito mode is simply the browser mode where nothing will be stored as a part of history in browsing. If you browse through web normally, every link you open and details you type are stored but in incognito mode, you can completely be private. However, the ISP, i.e. Internet Service Provide can track what you are browsing. So, all you need to know is you will be private for your own device when you are browsing.

Using incognito mode, you will be accessible to all the web pages that normal browsing offers. If you close the incognito tab, everything you browsed will be deleted and you won’t be able to find out what you had browsed. So, logging in to Google or Gmail account in incognito mode can be beneficial as you do not need to log out after doing your job. Nothing will reside in the history and you can sign out of Gmail automatically using this useful feature.

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Method 4- Edit cookie storage settings for Gmail

This is a bit complicated method that can be used to log out of Gmail automatically. We are explaining this method taking chrome browser as the working browser. First of all, you need to click on the three dots at the top-right of your chrome browser. Then, click on settings. Scroll down until you see “Privacy and Security”.

After scrolling a little-down, you can see content settings.

Click on Content Settings and you will see this window.

Here, click on cookies. After clicking on cookies, you can see this window.

Click on add just beside “Clear on exit”. Here you can type “*.google.com”. In doing so, the stored cookie that can lead to future auto-login of any site owned by Google will be cleared when you close browser. So, you can sign out of Gmail automatically after closing the browser using this method.

Hope you understood all the methods on how to sign out of Gmail automatically. These methods can help you from protecting your privacy very easily. Now, you don’t have to worry about how to protect Gmail account from being accessed by the people whom you cannot trust. Also, you will be able to view all the devices and IP addresses where your account is logged in. Please share the article if you liked it and do not forget to leave a comment in the comment section below if you have any queries. Thanks for reading! Keep on supporting the blog.


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